Clash Royale – The Best Multiplayer Clash Game for Android, iOS and PCs

A smartphone without a good game cannot be considered “smart” as those games are one of the major components of any phones nowadays. But the hardest thing for the users is the selection of the best game from the huge list of available smartphone games. Some of the games that are even coming as paid premiums are found to be unable to work as per the user expectations. But here we are introducing one of the best smartphone games to the users, the Clash Royale, which is not even a paid game.

Clash Royale Dacks

This free to download and use game can really make your smartphone a perfect destination to spend your free times with maximum enjoyment. Developed & published by the Supercell, a reputed game developer, the Clash Royale APK covers all aspects of the user requirements in the best possible way.

The free availability of a game does not mean that it is the best one for your device. There are a lot of other things that need to be checked to understand the exact efficiency of game. Doing a research on all those features, we made it sure that the Clash Royale game can replace any other games in your smartphones and even PCs also. Since the time it was first released on 2nd March 2016, this game is really making waves in the smartphone game market with its high standard performance. To provide our readers with a better understanding of these features, we are providing a Clash Royale review here, that covers all aspects of this game. It includes the steps to download Clash Royale 3D game for your smartphones, Clash Royale Cheats, options to get Clash Royale free gems etc.

Everyone has their own area of interest and hence the selection of the best game may vary for each user. No games can satisfy all the users in their gaming requirements. So, a game that can satisfy majority of its users can be considered as a good one. The Clash Royale can be included in a group of such good games. The interface of the game is so simple that even Children at the age of 10 can understand and play this game with ease. This is one of the strongest parts of this game. Coming under the category of Card based games, the Clash Royale APK is counted in the list of top ten games that will come in this category. A strong similarity with the Clash of Clans makes this game attract the users with its first look itself.

 What is Clash Royale Game?

Clash Royale is basically a multiplayer card based game which can be played online also with your friends who are available to play. Players are allowed to set up eight cards at the beginning of each game which they can be used to fight against their opponent and also to protect their own unit. This game allows the players to upgrade their cards and through it, they can reach up to a maximum level of thirteen. They also need to improve their experience through playing more games if they want to reach the top level. A player who destroys more towers than his opponent is considered as the winner in the game. So, in the Clash Royale Gameplay, the target of each player is to destroy maximum towers of the opponents. This takes the challenging level of this game to a next level.

The cards used in the game is also known as Clash Royale Deck and they decide how efficiently you can destroy your opponent’s towers. So, they are given a lot of importance in this game and hence selection of the best Clash Royale Decks is necessary. As the game progresses and your level of the game increases, you can find better Decks for Clash Royale gameplay through which the game can become more competitive.

To make the game interesting for the users and for easy collection of the gems for them, a Clash Royale Simulator is available for download online. But as it is not a genuine way to play this game, we don’t recommend our readers to download Clash Royale Simulators in any case. Clash Royale mod APK is also a similar option that serves this purpose. This game has very good similarities with the Clash of Clans game but is not the second part of that popular game. But of course, the popularity of the Clash of Clans might have motivated the developers of the Clash Royale Game to try and release a similar game. Even you can find a lot of partners included in the Clash of Clans game are now associated with the Clash Royale App as well.

Features of Clash Royale Game

For a game to become a great success like the Clash Royale, there should be some extremely good features included in it. Let us have a look at some of the most important ones among them. It will help you understand the game in better and decide whether you want to play it or not.

  • Players of the Clash Royale App will be provided with a rank and it depends on their levels, total trophies earned by them and the level of Arena they reached.
  • Crowns and Crown Chests can be achieved by destroying your opponent’s towers.
  • Destruction of the opponent’s King’s tower can make you win the game.
  • Apart from the training camp, you can go through 13 different levels in the Clash Royale Game.
  • Making use of the in-app purchases, players can upgrade their weapons and proceed with better power in the game.
  • Try the TV Royale option to learn the best way to defeat an opponent.

How Can Clash Royale Chests Help in the Gameplay?

Clash Royale Chest is one of the major attraction for the players of this game. This provides the users with golds, cards and gems which play a deciding factor for the ability of a player in this game. You can find a Clash Royale chest cycle in this game which includes a total of 240 chests. In this cycle, you can find 4 Giant Chests, 4 Magical Chests, 52 Golden Chests and 180 Silver Chests. The players will come across each one of them during their journey through various levels of this game.

Different Type of Chests Available in Clash Royale Game

During your journey through the various levels of the Clash Royale, you can find different categories of Chests that provides you with multiple advantages. Here is the complete list of the Clash Royale Chests which are available in the game.

Clash Royale Free Chest: –

Free Chest is the first chest available in this game. They will be provided to the players at an interval of 4 hours and is completely free. Normally the Free Chest contains 2-3 Gems and is almost similar to the Silver Chest available on the same Arena. However, the amount of Gold will be always higher in the Free Chest. Starting from the Frozen Peak, they also contain a rare card which is the major advantage thereafter. Players can keep a maximum of 2 Free Chest in stock without collecting.

Wooden Chest for Clash Royale:

For a new player to the Clash of Royale Game, he can find the Wooden Chests in the tutorial part, which will be the first Chest that he can find in this game. But it provides the players only with the tutorial cards which may not be useful in the progress of the game. But as the players spent more time in playing this game and reaches higher levels, they can find other different types of chests that can make the gameplay easy for them. The maximum Wooden Chase available for a single user account is 4.

Clash Royale Crown Chest: –

Once the player wins 10 crowns in the battle, the Crown Chest will be made available first time for him. Once the player achieves a Crown Chest, the cooldown timer will start with displaying 24 hours time and will start counting downwards. This means that the player can achieve it again only after the cool down timer comes to zero. This chest normally contains 3-4 Gems for the players. A maximum of 2 chests can be kept in the game without collecting. Once the count of stacked chests become 2, the countdown clock will disappear. It will come back again only after the player collects at least one chest.

Silver Chest on Clash Royale: –

These types of Chests are mainly achieved through winning battles in the game. With a total of 180 in numbers, the Silver Chests are the most available chests in the game. They are unlocked in every 3 hours or whenever the player achieves 18 Gems. It provides the users with some of the common cards until the Hog Mountain. After that, they will also get rare cards from the Silver Chest.

Golden Chest: –

After the Silver Chest, these are the most common chests available in the Clash Royale Game. Players can find a minimum of one rare card from this chest. Sometimes the Golden Chest even provides more Rare Cards to them. Users who either complete 8 hours or achieve 48 Gems will be provided with a Golden Chest.

Magical Chest: –

A Chest Cycle in Clash Royale game includes 4 Magical Chests and are available in the cycle as 12th, 83rd, 132nd and 203rd chests. To unlock this, the players should achieve 72 Gems or complete 12 hours. Players can also purchase it from the shop available in the game. The Magical Chest can provide the player with an Epic card or sometimes with a Rare or Common Card also.

Giant Chest: –

This chest can be found in the Chest Cycle as the 52nd, 159th, 190th and 230th chests. They are found to be providing the users with multiple Rare and Common Cards. Chances are very high that they can even contain an Epic Card. Condition to unlock the Giant Chest in Clash Royale game is same as that of Magical Chest. It can also be purchased from the store in the Clash Royale Game.

Players can also find Chests like Epic Chest, Super Magical Chest, Draft Chest, Legendary Chest, Challenge Chest, Tournament Chest etc. in the Clash Royale Game. They are not part of the Chest Cycle and is available as per the performance of the players in the game. For example, the player who will rank top in a tournament will be provided with a Tournament Chest. Similarly, more wins in a Victory Challenge can make the players eligible for the Challenge Chest.

Get Clash Royale Chest Simulator and gain more Gems and Cards for Free

All the Chests available in the Clash Royale App are very much useful for the players in a successful proceeding with the game. The Chests that can be gained for free are found to be limited during the play and most of the players like to achieve more chests for free. Each of the available chests in this game includes something special for the players. This resulted in the players searching online for the Clash Royale Chest Simulator option. They believe that making use of this simulator they can open as much of chests as they like. This will, in turn, make the game quite easier for them to play. So, the Clash Royale Chest Simulator can be considered as a key to success in the Clash Royale game.

As we all know that downloading the Clash Royale Chest Simulator is not a legitimate process. So, it is not possible to find it in the inbuilt app stores of your devices. In this case, users should be forced to check some alternate options to achieve this. But the happy news for them is that there are multiple websites available across the internet that provides this simulator for the users. They can easily search and find it with the help of Google. But, before trying to install it on your smartphones and PCs, don’t forget to have a look at the user reviews about that simulator. This is because there are a lot of fake simulators available in certain websites that will not fulfill the purpose it is intended for. After installing the Clash Royale Simulator, you can enjoy a different face of the game.

The Clash Royale Chest Tracker is also something that can help the players in their hunt for the Chests in the Clash Royale App. This is not a feature that is included within the game. So, users should download it from any genuine web sites on the internet. Once installed, these trackers allow the players to keep a track of their position in gaining a Chest in Royale Clash Game. For example, it can display what are the next Chests that you are going to gain in the game soon. It can also tell you the number of Chests that you should pick to gain a particular Chest, say Gold Chest. This helps the players in planning their game accordingly and obtain each one of the Chests as per their requirement. This is the importance of the Chest Tracker for Clash Royale game.

Clash Royale Download for Android Smartphones

Majority of the Android users like to spend a lot of time in playing their favorite games. On my hunt to find the best game for the Android devices, I have gone through a lot of games. Some of them are the paid premium games in the Google Play Store, while some others are free games for Android smartphones. But a lot of those games proved to be worthless in their effort to make me satisfied with its performance. Some of those games are even charging the users without having anything special in it. However, this long search ended up finding the best companion for the Android devices – Clash Royale APK for Android. This game includes the strongest features in it that exactly fits your smartphones. Hence it can fulfill your requirement to get the best smartphone game for your devices.

Clash Royale for Android is one of the most popular games available for these devices now. With the most attractive features included in the game for the users, the Clash Royale 1.9.2 for Android is now on the list of the top games for Android smartphones. A very noticeable feature of this game is that it is a free game that can be played on your smartphones and the tablets as well. The Clash Royale App for Android is found to be working well in devices with even 2 GB RAM. This feature makes the game more attractive for the normal users. So, if you are in search for a smartphone game that can make you spend your free times in the most interesting way, the Clash Royale APK for Android is the best choice for you. To download Clash Royale APK, follow the below easy steps.

Steps to Download Clash Royale for Android: –

The major challenge faced by users in playing the best smartphone game is its availability. The easy destination of the Android users for all their app requirements is the Google Play Store. But most of the good quality apps available there are included as paid premium apps. Users are required to purchase it if they want to play those games. This makes it hard for the users as most of them don’t like to purchase games, especially without trying them. So, they will root their devices and try to install those apps from any third-party app stores for free. But the Clash Royale App for Android makes the situation entirely different. Being a legitimate game that holds a large customer base, the Clash Royale App for Android is included in the Google Play Store as a free game.

Users can easily login to their concerned Google Play Store accounts and can search for the “Clash Royale Android App” in the search bar. From the search result, select this amazing game and click on install. After providing enough privilege to access the required features of your phone, the game will start downloading and installing on your Android device. Clash Royale 1.9.2 for Android is the latest version of this app available in the Play Store for download. This is compatible with all the Android versions starting from 4.0 and above. After the successful installation of the Clash Royale Game for Android, you can open this game and start enjoying it. The Google Play Store displays a total download of 100 Million for this app with an average rating of 4.5 Stars. I think this will help you understand the abilities of this game to satisfy the players.

Download Clash Royale PC Version for Free

There are a lot of reasons behind people selecting their personal computers to play the smartphone games. One of the main reason among them is the convenience that the large screen provides them during the game. This screen allows the players to aim their targets with more accuracy and hence increase the success rate also. The high-end resources available in the PCs is another attraction for the users to try the smartphone games in them. It helps to play the games in a much faster way with good graphics capabilities. This also avoids one of the major issues faced by the players during their smartphone gaming i.e. lagging of the device. Due to these reasons, a lot of users are found to be searching options to download Clash Royale for PC. But is there any option available for this?

Even though there is no direct version of this game available for the PCs, users can still make use of a trick to play these astonishing games in their computers. Follow the below steps if you want to download Clash Royale APK for PC. But before installation, make sure that you have administrator privilege on the device that you are trying to install this game. Otherwise, you will not able to install Clash Royale for PC on your personal computer.

Steps for Clash Royale PC Download

As said earlier, there is no dedicated version of Clash Royale Game available for PCs. At this stage, it is an Android emulator that comes to the help of the users to play Clash Royale in PC. Most of our readers might have heard about these emulators and even using it on their PCs. Installation of an Android emulator in the PCs helps to run the apps and games that are designed for the smartphones in your computers. This makes the Android emulators favorite for the users who like to play smartphone games in PCs.

To run Clash Royale in PC, download and install an Android emulator on your PC. You can find many of these emulators over the internet. However, we recommend using BlueStacks as it is the best one among them. To download BlueStacks, visit the official website of this app and browse for the download section.  There you can find the BlueStacks APK and can select the version that corresponds to your Operating System. Click on the download button and the app will be downloaded to your PC. The Windows version of this App is found to have a file size of 245 Mb. Once the download is completed, find the .exe file from the concerned folder of your PC. Double clicking on this file will ask for the permission to install BlueStacks on your PC. Continue and finish the installation process which will make your device able to run any Android apps.

Now login to the Google Play Store from the BlueStacks App using your google account details. Then search for the Clash Royale Game for PC. The remaining processes are almost same as that we have mentioned above for Android devices. You can easily download Clash Royale APK for PC and install it by following those steps. The successful completion of installation will allow you to play one of the best smartphone game on your personal computer and that too for free.

Clash Royale for iOS Download

The iTunes Store includes an app or game in it only after reviewing it for all the different features available in it. So, it is very hard to find a game in this app store that can make a negative impact on the users. The Clash Royale for iPhone is also not different in this case. With some of the best user-friendly features, this game has become a very popular iOS game within a short time. Users who play the Clash Royale Game for iOS is seen to be increasing heavily since the time of its release. Making the task of Clash Royale APK Download for iOS easy, this game is available for the users in the iTunes Store. Interested users can download it from there for free.

There is not that much of complication in the process to download Clash Royale iOS version. Apple users who have already downloaded any games or apps from the iTunes Store can do it with ease. Being a free game, you can download Clash Royale for iOS and try it for its features, if you still have doubts about its ability to make the users satisfied. I am very much sure that you will get addicted to this game even within the first days of play and can’t stop yourself from playing it later. The latest version of this game available in the iTunes Store is Clash Royale 1.9.2 which was updated last on June 2017. As the developers of this game release regular updates, it is recommended to keep a watch on the updates if you already downloaded this game for your iPhones.

Unlike Android devices where users face lagging issues while playing games, the iOS is much better in this section. You can hardly find the iPhones and iPads hanging while playing the games. This makes the Clash Royale the best option for iOS than the Android version. Most of the iOS users play this game in their iPhones itself. Sometimes users are also found to be downloading the Clash Royale for iPads also. Both these devices are found to be performing well with this game.

Play Clash Royale Online

This is yet another way to play the Clash Royale Game. It is mainly used by people who want to have a try on this game before getting it downloaded on their device. The free online Clash Royale play will provide them with a chance to understand what the game is. Then if they find it useful, they can download and use it in their devices. There is another class of people who are searching for the Clash Royale online play. They are the ones who lack space in their devices to load this game along with its accessories. Even if most of the new generation phones provides the users with ample storage, there are still users who are using the phones with less storage capacity. They are really making benefit of the online feature of this game.

To play Clash Royale online, open a web browser in your smartphones or computers. In the search bar type “Play Clash Royale Game Online”. This will provide a search result with many websites that allow the online play of this game. You can select any one of them and start enjoying this amazing game. But be aware of the fact that it will use a good amount of data from your internet pack if you use it for long times. However, users with unlimited data packs can Play Clash Royale APK online without any worries. Because they are not required to spend anything else to play Clash Royale game online.

How to Get Clash Royale Hack and What Are Its Benefits?

Even if the genuine version of this game is found in the in-built apps stores of the major smartphones, a very large search was found from people to download Clash Royale hack APK. What is the reason behind this? It is the additional feature of unlimited free gems that it can provide to the users that make it favorite for them. This allows the users to purchase all the required accessories for free and thereby making the game easier for them. Under normal circumstances, these gems should be purchased only by paying a fair amount of money by the users. Being an action that is not considered as legal by this game developer, the availability of the Clash Royale hack is limited compared to the main APK file. However, we are providing here the easy process to get Clash Royale Hack for free with the warning of being an illegitimate action.

Users who check for the Clash Royale will find no success as it is not available over the internet. So how can u get the free gems for Clash Royale game? There is an easy option for this. Open a web browser on your device and search for the “Clash Royale Hack Version”. You can find a lot of websites in the search result. But most of them are just claiming to be providing this for you, but not doing it. So, selection of the right website is very important. It is the reviews of the existing users that come to your help at this stage. So, before proceeding with the download process, make sure that you are doing it from a genuine website. Once you downloaded the Clash Royale Hack APK, you can simply install it on your devices and enjoy unlimited free gems for Clash Royale game.

Clash Royale Cheats are also something that can make your play easy in this game. It can help the players go through even the toughest sections of the game with ease. You can download it in the same way as the hacked version by searching for the Clash Royale Cheats APK. Once successfully installed, they can work as a Clash Royale Card Maker option for you without much effort done on the game.

Conclusion –

The card games have become popular in the smartphone market now more than ever before. The Clash Royale game is one of the most popular games among them. With the released versions for multi platform support, this game has conquered both the Android and iOS smartphone game markets. You can even find a Clash Royale Free Online option that allows you to play the game online without getting it installed on any of your devices. The addictive level of this game is so high that the players are seen to be searching even for the Clash Royale Private Server options. They are known to be providing unlimited resources to the users in this game, which can make the play easy for the users. Even without the usage of this private server for Clash Royale, this game can be played the best in your devices.

This is a very legal game for the Android devices and hence users can play it under the normal conditions of the device. No rooting of the Android smartphones is required to play the Clash Royale APK for Android. Same is the case with the iPhones also. They can also Play Clash Royale for iOS without jailbreaking their iPhones and iPads. This makes it easier for the smartphone users to download and play the most amazing card based game without any issues. With the help of any Android emulator, PC users can also install Clash Royale for PC with ease. The resources of the device used by this game are very low so that it can even be played on the medium level devices without any problems of lagging. These easy to download and use features play a vital role in the increasing number of users for the game Worldwide.

The success of Clash Royale APK is a very good proof that any game set up with the best user-friendly features can become popular among the users very quickly. It does not require an app to sold with the tag of “premium app” to make the users satisfied. Even a free to download game can sometimes make the players on the feet with its amazing performance. The developers of this app have added a lot of surprises in each level of the game which will increase your curiosity to unlock them.We recommend the Clash Royale Game for all our readers who are still in search for a game that can make their free times interesting. We are very much sure that it will not make you disappointed at any stages of the game and you will fall in love with this game.